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House of Crimson Hearts ebook

House of Crimson Hearts ebook

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PREORDER House of Crimson Hearts (ebooks delivered on Weds February 28th)

Once upon a time, a vampire corrupted a hunter.

Octavia Beaumont, one of the original three vampires, is determined to run the city.

Red, an expert hunter, is hell-bent on getting revenge on the vampire that turned her sister.

When deadly trials for the heir of the city begin, Red and Octavia are forced to work together.

Octavia wants a crown.

Red wants blood.

But there’s only one first place.

To win, they’re going to have to trust each other. But teamwork is not easy when their past is filled with betrayal…

A betrayal Red can’t remember.

Someone is lying.

Someone has a secret.

Everyone has a hidden agenda.

The last thing Red and Octavia want to do is fall in love… But hearts remember, even when the mind doesn’t.

To win the trials and get revenge…

They must reveal a truth that will shatter their souls.

Remember a past that will break their hearts.

And fight a war that will change the face of the city forever.

Three tasks. Three choices. Three sacrifices.

All of them have a cruel price. The question is, are they willing to pay it?

This is a very steamy lesbian vampire romance with a sprinkling of enemies to lovers and second chance romance, royals, multiple POV and timelines, bratty bedroom vampires, exhibitionism, and more. Please check the trigger warnings. 18+ only.


Trigger List:

Addiction, withdrawal, on page suicidal thoughts (brief and in vampire terms), blood play, edging, dom / sub scenes, on page masochism, off page historical homophobia, off page homophobic beating referenced, trapped in a burning building, on page discrimination for being a vampire, violence, fantasy fights.

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