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House of Crimson Kisses

House of Crimson Kisses

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Continue Octavia and Red's journey in the sequel to House of Crimson Hearts.
Who will win the trials?
Who will reach the door first?
And what happens when their past catches up with them?

This is the sequel to House of Crimson Hearts. These books need to be read in order. This is a steamy 18+ adult lesbian vampire romance with mature themes and content.


  • Blood play 
  • Edging 
  • Dom / sub scenes 
  • On page masochism and pain play
  • On page sadism (and not always healthy sadism)
  • Brats and doms
  • Using sex and seduction to gain information
  • Public sex/exhibitionism
  • Orgasm denial as punishment
  • Claiming bite during sex
  • Mutual blood drinking during sex
  • Chaining up a lover
  • Forcing a lover to watch you with someone else


  • Alcohol and substance use/addiction 
  • Withdrawal 
  • Off page historical homophobia references 
  • On page discrimination for being a vampire
  • Graphic violence and gore
  • Unhealthy relationship dynamics and emotional manipulation
  • Memory loss and memory manipulation
  • Self-harm and suicidal ideation
  • Torture and physical abuse
  • Kidnapping and captivity
  • Death of loved ones and grief
  • Hate speech and discrimination
  • Forced transition from human to vampire
  • Murder and mass casualties
  • Mind control and mental coercion
  • Stalking and possessive behaviour
  • Body horror and gore
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